Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We drove to Jinja to meet with Francis Etyang, our head teacher who has been continuing with the program in my absence. This was on our way to visit with one of the PTCs that the Ministry suggested. It was Bishop Willis Primary Teachers College. We spoke with Gracious Stephen Kalya, Principal at Bishop Willis Core PTC, Rosetti Naigaga, Deputy Principal Preservice, James Onyait, Deputy Principal Outreach, Peter Mukungu, Mathematics and ICT tutor. We explained how we wanted to include the pre-service and in-service teachers in the project by providing ICT education and training on the XOs. We demonstrated both laptops and they were thoroughly fascinated. They suggested we work with their demonstration school, which is a winning proposition. In this manner both teachers and primary students will benefit. They will be learning as part of their college studies and practice teaching the primary students as it integrates into the lessons they design and implement. Peter will be the point person. We were disappointed to find that they are not internet connected- were supposed to be connected by last December. We thought perhaps the Ministry, upon hearing this, will push the Internet installation. In the meantime, Peter would be able to save some of the lessons on CDs or flash drives and bring them to the teachers in the PTC ICT lab. We drove back quite satisfied, ate some delicious Jack Fruit and had Rolex (rolled eggs) for dinner.

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