Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today we went to church at 10. Nice church, nice Mass but it wasn’t in English as we anticipate. Then Kenneth, Francis’ wife and children, Eric and I, along with our buddy, Manasule, went off to the Source of the Nile. We saw the exact spot where Lake Victoria meets the Nile River, where the spring bubbles up. Lots of pictures. Very nice boatride. Kenneth was scared, funny because he is big, in great shape and CAN swim, unlike myself. I guess I have been on more boats though. Following that trek, we took off for Itanga Falls, which Manasule said was only 30 minutes away. HA! Time stands still here. A couple of hours later, we got there over bumpy roads. Beautiful falls, really rapids, rushing, clean water over drops and rocks. Lots of pictures. Cool, refreshing and a really nice site to see. It only took an hour to return but we were very tired. We ate at a pork skewer local place in Jinja, delicious roasted pork served with avocados, casaba, tomato/onion salad. Manasule ate elsewhere because he is Muslim. We didn’t realize he wouldn’t stay.

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