Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

We drove to Mbale, a 3 hr. ride, to visit coffee plantations. We enjoyed a nice education, saw the coffee seeds growing on trees. We went to the “Experimental” Plantation, where they study growing conditions, diseases, etc. We waited for a gentleman to give us the information. He told us that the seeds grown there are sent all over Uganda; they are the source. The seeds are fermented and crushed there removing the pulp and then sent to the factory to be roasted and exported. They also grow the seedling plants, a variety of them to distribute to farmers who want to grow coffee. Then we traveled to town to see if we could buy some coffee. Funny thing! They do not brew coffee, they serve Nescafe! Was an adventure to a new town, a little bigger than Jinja, a little more on the dusty road side. We ate at a Chinese restaurant but everyone ordered local food, which they claimed to be more filling. I guess it was because I couldn’t eat much of it. Pasho, Matuka and Rice are staples here. Long ride home in the dark on highways crowded with trucks and people! Good driver, Manasule!

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