Friday, June 18, 2010


We left Kasiisi at 9:30 Thursday night for an early morning Gorilla tracking tour. It came as quite a surprise that the trip we expected would take 4 hours, took 9! gruelling hours on very, very, very bad dirt roads. Bounced all night long, stopping only to use the woodsy terrain for relief and fearing the jeep would break down in the middle of nowhere. We did laugh a lot though. Larry, our TATS guide, was bleary-eyed from the ridiculously long drive- we could not help him, driving the right side of the car, the left side of the road and using a left-handed stick shift. Poor guy!

We arrived at 6:30 a.m., never slept in the tent provided, gobbled up breakfast, but then enjoyed a wonderful expedition into the forest to track the guerillas. Got within 10 feet of them!
Later that day, we, then, drove to Elizabeth National Park where we spent the next day as well. Elephants charged us just a bit to scare us away, graceful kolbs greeted us, and various birds, storks, crocodiles, hippos and hogs crossed our paths. Beautiful country, beautiful people and beautiful animals.

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