Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday April 10, 2011

We started today with a visit to Church, this time in English. It was still 2 hours long. They do use a lot of words here. Then we went to lunch, a Starbucks look-alike called Java Cafe. The highlight of the day was the visit to AGYA, Amagezi Germaanyi, an after-school program that uses XOs. I was anxious to see how they were being used and luckily we got there just as there was a computer class going on. They were using the Write program with pictures. We met Kenny, the computer facilitator, Brian, the textile teacher and a girl(name?) who was the photography teacher. The headmistress, Divinity, was in the US fundraising but did arrange for this visit. THEY DO SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE! They operate out of one or two rooms and schedule their classes tightly. They give workshops for students and for those who do not attend school. They host community meetings in the open courtyard and make outreach giving workshops to the local schools. They do it for LOVE. Such warm, friendly and gracious young people teaching and mentoring the younger ones. We took lots of pictures of all the children hanging around. The children are beautiful. We gave out toothbrushes and toothpaste, compliments of my husband and daughters' office. Children came out of everywhere. I asked if there parents knew where they were and Kenneth explained that parents know they are in the neighborhood and that everyone treats every child as if he/she was their own. "It takes a village" has new meaning for me- first-hand evidence. How Divinity left the US to take on this mission is beyond my comprehension and deserving of respect. This place was so hidden down the craggiest of dirt roads. Our car got stuck on rocks several times as we wound around small houses dotting the trail. We barely found it- we had to be located and then we followed. Yet, the children and parents of that community and the surrounding communities find it! It's no wonder; it is like an oasis in the desert with natural springs of youth, love, determination and dedication. A trip of a lifetime! When we came home, I ate a jackfruit for the first time. Huge melon-like fruit, sticky and sweet.

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