Sunday, May 16, 2010

So Many Details!

So many things converge as I am trying to get ready to go to Uganda. I have been in close contact with my host and things are proceeding somewhat. I wanted to contact the universities directly, so that I could hone my lecture to their needs but the 3 email addresses bounced back. My contact is going to hand deliver my questions. Phionah, my contact, says it is because the internet is down as it often is. Yikes, I guess I am going to have to screen shot lots of URLS.

My plan is to give these six universities, in particular, the Teacher Ed Departments, a three part session
1-an overview of technology integration as we do it here...constructivism, lessons such as webquests, web 2.0 tools.

2-an overview of the XO, with examples.

3-Finally, I want to give "my audience" a way to collaborate with me upon my return. I haven't decided if I will use Blackboard or Ning. I am so familiar with blackboard and I know everything will be saved, so I lean in that direction.

I bought a netbook as back-up and think I will buy a projector as well--just in case.
Packing? no time!

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